December 2013 archive

Winter Break (December 20-January 13)

Students, during the Winter Break your responsible for making sure that you have mastered at least 50% of the 7th Grade Math course on Remember that completing 50% will be one of your first project grades for our second semester.

Week 19: Tuesday-TEST DAY!

No homework today (since students took a test during class time-on Computing Rational Numbers) Students should be working on ALEKS so that they are more than 50% through 7th grade math before January 14th. This will be part of our math class grade.

Practice for Computing Rational Numbers Test

Week 19:  Monday’s homework is 20 minutes of ALEKS & study for Tuesday’s test. During class, students did a practice on Computing Rational Numbers in order to prepare for Tuesday’s test. Click here for the worksheet, Practice for Computing Rational Numbers Test.

Computing Rational Numbers

Week 18: Friday 12/13    

Mixed Review: Computing Rational Numbers

Week 18: Thursday’s HW  Mixed Review Computing Rational Numbers In class students work did a combination of working on ALEKS and this Mixed Review to help them prepare for our next test.  This assignment has a mixture of fractions, decimals and integers.

Mixed Decimals Continued… and 4Sight!

Week 18:  Tuesday and Wednesday we are taking our Benchmark 2 4Sight test.  So, homework will be a little less these days, by Thursday, everyone should turn in Problems #1-15 from Monday’s assignment.

Mixed Decimals

Week 18:  Homework due on Tuesday: Problems #1-10 from the worksheet below

Simplifying Complex Fractions

Week 17: Wednesday’s Homework are the following 4 problems   Wednesday’s class notes are below:    

Multiplying Mixed Numbers (w/ Negatives)

Week 17: Tuesday’s Homework: Complete theMultiplying Mixed Numbers w Negatives from class. Video on Multiplying Mixed Numbers