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Week 15: Scale Drawing and Scale Factors

Click on the link below for the test! You MUST SHOW WORK (the lined paper is not “Scratch Paper” it WILL BE GRADED.) SCALE FACTOR TEST

Week 14: Scale Factors

Click on the link for a video on Scaled Drawings and Scale Factors. Here is your HW BLUE class needs to complete #1-24.  Yellow/Green/Orange classes need to complete #1-12     Friday’s HW Similar Polygons  Homework Sample problems from class…      

Benchmark 2 Data!!!!

Students! I am so excited to be sharing some amazing data with you!  You have now taken the NWEA/MAPS test 3 times (August/December/April) and BCCS challenged you to earn a 741 score in 7th grade math.  Well, the data is the following… We met our 7th grade math goal!!  Way to go students!  I am …

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SBAC Practice Test

Click on the following link to go thru the SBAC Practice test. SBAC Secure Browser Take the 7th Grade Math Practice test.

Percents Test (RP 3)

Students, follow the link to take your Percents test.  Take your time and work out every problem.  You need to show work on a separate sheet of paper. Percents Test (RP 3)